C3 Flexible Packaging & Converting
ERP/MIS Software for flexible packaging and film converting

C3 Flexible Packaging & Converting is the pre-configured Business Template  for flexible packaging, film manufacturing and converting within theurer.com C3 and is used all over Europe with great success. It contains pre-defined industry specific master data, business processes as well as reports and statistics and therefore ensures a fast project start. Also templates for estimating flexible packaging or film converting are included. The ERP/MIS Business Template therefore already offers a sophisticated industry specific base, which can be further optimized and automated by individual customizing.

Optimal for companies in these industries:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Film manufacturers & Converting industry
  • Manufacturer of roll products


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Your key advantages

  • Simultaneous comparision estimate (e.g. Flexo/Digital)
  • Supports all processes: Prepress – Extrusion – Print– Laminating– Converting – Logistics
  • Fully intergrated sku management for estimation, sales, logistics and production
  • Seamless integration with many industry partners
  • Material tracking and quality assurance
  • Perfect roll stock handling
SKU/Version Management

C3 offers fine-tuned version management to organize the various variants of a product. The product characteristics are segmented into features of the SKU template (“Choco wrapper 25g”) and actual versions (“Plum”, “Rasperry",...). This gives C3 the ability to assess versions in terms of both calculation and production and simultaneously engage in separate consideration for sale, storage and logistics. Depending on the job requirements, C3 calculates with plate and color changes or gang jobs.

Simultaneous comparative estimation for any number of production variants and quantities

C3 lets you simulate and compare production on a range of different machines - e.g. flexo and digital printing. First and foremost, a configurable plausibility check helps determine the range of machines on which it would be technically feasible to manufacture your product. Subsequently, all production options that can be accommodated within this scope are simultaneously calculated at no extra cost. Finally, C3 proposes the most economical production option for each quantity.


Automated estimation assistant based on product features

This assistant “translates” a customer inquiry into feasible production methods, work steps and costs and creates a complete working plan as part of the process, including all costs and target values. Regardless of the quantities involved, the optimal production approach in each case is determined, e.g. HP Indigo 20000 or Bobst Flexo.


Print form management for flexo plates, sleeves or gravure cylinders

C3 makes managing all print forms, printing plates, sleeves or cylinders and their files a breeze. Print forms can be managed as complete printing plate sets or individually by color and type with the respective storage site. Depending on whether the print forms are produced in-house or externally, C3 provides support via production or ordering process.


Prepress – Extrusion – Printing – Lamination – Packaging – Logistics

Independent of the sequence of your processes like extrusion, printing, laminating, C3 organizes the entire workflow all the way through to logistics.

Material traceability and quality assurance

Our customers must meet stringent quality, hygiene or pharmaceutical requirements such as BRC or GMP. Here, you can rely on C3 for guaranteed traceability among much more, allowing all materials, colors, semi-finished and completed products involved in production to be effectively traced, by batch or pallet. For materials supplied in rolls, individual roll management can also be activated.


Single roll and batch management

C3 handles individual rolls and batches simply and efficiently and facilitates the process by allowing unique roll identification numbers to be assigned to each roll. During order production planning, this streamlines the process of procuring the required quantity of material from the warehouse or automatically ordering the same.


Integration with industry partners, e.g. Esko or HP Indigo

To maximize the workflow efficiency, we work with industry partners to automate numerous processes via JDF/JMF. For example, we leverage the Esko Automation Engine to bring you, e.g., complete JDF/JMF connections of the prepress workflow or give you access to digital printing workflows with e.g. HP Indigo


Semi-finished products and intermediates

Standard films or composites, which are not made to order, are processed in C3 as intermediates. Items kept in storage at various stages of production, e.g. printed, laminated, ... are managed as semi-finished goods. For such semi-finished goods, processes can be organized for example so that certain production stages are only implemented when there is a call for delivery (“Bagging on demand”).


Formula management

C3 lets you manage your mono or co-extruded formulas for film production with control over respective components as granulates, fillers or additives, giving you all you need to master material availability planning and traceability.


Specialized flexible packaging and converting features:

  • Estimating narrow web labels
  • Estimating flexible packaging
  • Managing dies, sleeves or gravure cylinders
  • Single roll stock administration (e.g. EAN-128 oder EPSMA)
  • Material tracing and lot administration
  • SKU and contract order managing
  • Synchronizes call-off orders and production planning
  • Graphical display of roll winding
  • Order specific roll planning with gross/net materials and different web widths
  • Graphical impositioning and web width optimization
  • Any quantity units like sqm, m, rolls, piece, kg and metric or imperial system
  • JDF Integration Prepress-Workflow, e.g. Esko
  • JDF Integration digital printing, e.g. HP Indigo
  • Die amortization