C3 Folding Carton & Corrugated
ERP/MIS software for folding cartons, displays and corrugated products

C3 Folding Carton & Corrugated is the pre-configured Business Template for folding cartons, displays and corrugated products within theurer.com C3 and is used all over Europe with great success. It contains pre-defined industry specific master data, business processes as well as reports and statistics and therefore ensures a fast project start. Also templates for estimating folding cartons or corrugated packaging are included. The ERP/MIS Business Template therefore already offers a sophisticated industry specific base, which can be further optimized and automated by individual customizing.

Optimal for companies in these industries:

  • Folding cartons
  • Displays
  • Corrugated packaging


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Your key advantages

  • Simultaneous comparativen estimations e.g. KBA Offset vs. HP Indigo Digital
  • Fully intergrated sku management for estimation, sales, logistics and production
  • Seamless integration with many industry partners, e.g. CAD-Interfaces or Digital Printing
  • Assistant for gang jobs with various skus
  • Transparent estimating of complex multi-item displays
SKU/Version Management

C3 offers fine-tuned version management to organize the various different of a product. The product characteristics are segmented into features of the SKU template (“500ml bottle label”) and actual versions (“orange”, “lemon”,...). This gives C3 the ability to assess versions in terms of both calculation and production and simultaneously engage in separate consideration for sale, storage and logistics. Depending on the job requirements, C3 calculates with plate and color changes or gang jobs.

Gang printing

C3 gives you the ability to collectively process multiple products when performing combined printing calculations as well as estimating the pricing involved for such work. As required, the individually calculated products can even be distributed within the specific production order, e.g., color-coded in a collective folder. When a range of formats and quantities are involved, C3 simplifies the process by offering proposals for a minimum feasible quantity, as well as an overview of the consumption to date and minimum sheet count.

Structural design – Articles/SKUs - Cutting dies

Structural designs, customer articles/SKUs and die cutting tools are linked to each other by a unique structural design identifier.

Simultaneous comparative estimation for any number of production variants and quantities

C3 lets you simulate and compare production on a range of different machines - e.g. offset and digital printing. First and foremost, a configurable plausibility check helps determine the range of machines on which it would be technically feasible to manufacture your product. Subsequently, all production options that can be accommodated within this scope are simultaneously calculated at no extra cost. Finally, C3 proposes the most economical production option for each quantity.


Automated estimation assistant based on product features

This assistant “translates” a customer inquiry into feasible production methods, work steps and costs and creates a complete working plan as part of the process, including all costs and target values. Regardless of the quantities involved, the optimal production approach in each case is determined, e.g. HP Indigo 30000 or KBA Rapida.


Tool management

C3 manages all types of tools, such as cutting dies, counter dies or embossing plates, together with all the necessary technical details. This facility identifies all tools feasible for use with an article based on their construction or dimensions.


CAD-Integration and structural design database

C3 lets you supplement your structural designs or sample numbers with details such as layout, sheet formats, CAD files or a packaging scheme. The CAD integration process allows you to create a common database with your structural design department or you can also manage the relevant data on a standalone basis.


Integration von Branchen-Partnern, z.B. Esko, Erpa, Arden Impact oder HP Indigo

To maximize the workflow efficiency, we work with industry partners to automate numerous processes via JDF/JMF. For example, we leverage the Esko Automation Engine to bring you, e.g., complete JDF/JMF connections of the prepress workflow, integrate a CAD or give you access to digital printing workflows with HP Indigo or Xeikon.

Additional features at a glance

  • Estimating folding cartons, displays and corrugated packaging
  • Tool Adminisration for cutting dies, counter dies, stripping and blanking dies,
    embosing dies
  • CAD-Interface for packaging design, e.g. Erpa, Esko Artios or Arden Impact
  • Material traceability for regulation (EG) 178/2002, BRC, GMP
  • Logistics labeling: identification for GS 1 /SSCC with pallet slips, box labels
  • Contract orders and SKUs
  • Lot and pallet management
  • Administration of printing plates, varnishing plates
  • Graphical Number-Up optimization and format calculation
  • JDF-Integration Prepress-Workflow, e.g. Esko Automation Engine
  • Production and planning of semi-finished goods, e.g. printed sheets
  • Decision tables for set-up times, press speed and waste
  • Electronic auto counters, e.g. at gluers
  • Partition of multi item products in sheets and product items
  • Prepress and approval management