C3 Industrial Printing
Industrial Printing and Production

C3 Industrial Printing is the pre-configured business template for companies which industrially manufacture and print complex products but are not a conventional print shop. C3 is used all over Europe with great success. It contains pre-defined industry specific master data; business processes as well as reports and statistics and therefore ensures a fast project start.  The ERP/MIS Business Template therefore already offers a sophisticated industry specific base, which can be further optimized and automated by individual customizing. C3 offers the suitable function no matter what combination of print and manufacturing process is chosen to produce keyboards, printed circuits or labels. Regarding the print-specific requirements C3 offers to manage screens, printed forms, and color formulation as well as organizes the whole graphics and correction process. In the mechanical process C3 structures your CNC programs and tools as well as manages complex multilevel parts lists. 

Optimal for companies in these industries:

  • Membrane keyboards and input systems
  • Industrial labels and panels
  •  Circuit boards/ printed circuits/ electronics
  • Decorative printing


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Your key benefits

  • Automated estimation assistant based on product features
  • Optimal production version for each quantity scale: digital and screen printing
  • Integration of quality assurance, EDI and VDA processes
  • Structure of parts/ production steps for complex products, e.g. multilayer keyboards
  • Graphical optimiziation of use for single and multiple sheets

Additional features at a glance

  • Managing screens and required estimated ink consumption
  • Tool management
  • Logistics labelling: Labelling according to GS1 / SSCC / VDA including pallet notes and carton labels
  • Functionality screen, offset, gravure, flexographic, pad, and digital printing
  • Complete integration of quality assurance
  • Convenient structure of parts lists including process steps
  • Traceability and batch management

  • Blanket orders and type management
  • Synchronized call orders and type management
  • JDF integration prepress workflow, e.g. Esko
  • Prepress/ clearance management
  • EDI integration, e.g. for automotive customers
  • Management of color formulation and mixing orders
  • Management of CAD and CNC data