Document Management System

Spending large amounts of time searching for documents, or having to prepare new documents when they cannot be located is very cost-intensive for your business. With the DMS module, document management and workflow can be fully integrated into the Enterprise Resource Management and all other modules of tacks. All documents, files and receipts of a certain process are archived in tacks. This is valid both for internal documents such as Word and Excel files, article pictures or technical drawings as well as external receipts, such as scanned invoices. External documents, such as supplier invoices or technical drawings, can be archived in the database electronically and managed by tacks. Documents can be scanned directly from tacks without having to open a third program or a file name having to be allocated. The original document is available by mouse click at any time and as required can be re printed.

Your key advantages at a glance

  • All information concerning e.g. customers, items or materials including images, PDFs, production files or data sheets is centrally managed at a single source
  • Customer correspondence can be swiftly and conveniently created, based on uniform text templates and layouts
  • Prepress or CAD data can also be shown to people in charge as required
  • Central database for different production software such as machine settings or e.g. print image inspection systems prevents multiple administration of data
Documents and files

Documents of a customer

In-house document types, such as quotations or delivery notes can be summarized and managed together per event or project. Windows documents can be attached to customer and supplier records. By the definition of templates, document types can be assigned such as "first contact advertising letter". The corresponding application program is assigned to the document type, for example CorelDraw, Adobe illustrator or Microsoft Word. By a simple click the document is produced, opened and saved with address, contact person and fax number. It can be immediately completed, printed or faxed. The documents are organized and saved in the database by tacks. No file names must be created. Direct document shipment is available with a mouse click and can send via fax and e-mail, where the fax number or e-mail address is transmitted automatically.

pictures, production data and documents

You can assign invoices, pictures or documents to your articles, orders or events. The complete file administration is managed by tacks. The files are however accessible without tacks at any time, and are organized automatically. You can connect film files to the storage location of the film, job files for programs, as well as product pictures, scans or data sheets of used materials, to their articles or orders. All files can be retrieved directly from tacks, where tacks starts the application, such as the Adobe Illustrator at the call of the EPS original file automatically. All image files can be stored to any tacks document. You can for example add proof pictures on your delivery notes, or technical drawings on working papers for manufacturing.

Moreover, pictures, technical drawings or initial invoices can be scanned directly from tacks. No separate software must be started and the scanned document can be saved / processed in the tacks document management system.

Additional functions at a glance

  • Word documents with automatically completed bookmarks
  • PDF archiving and versioning of all documents in sales and purchasing
  • Linked original data from CAD systems
  • Manages JPG thumbnails and high-resolution PDFs for the web portal
  • Direct scanning of non-electronic documents