SFC | Shop Floor Control System

A Shop Floor Control System leads to the greatest possible transparency of the production and cost structure of your enterprise. You are constantly informed of the current order progress, machine occupancy and material consumption in your manufacturing processes. You receive a proven ability to retain control machine processes such as make ready time, production, downtime or overhead periods as well as all manufacturing relevant data. Furthermore tacks SFC provides all data for the actual job calculation without additional effort. Withdrawals of materials are registered in the SFC to avoid unchecked material and goods usage resulting in wrong stock levels or missed bookings. The SFC terminal gives production employees access to the product description, target quantities and e.g. all data relevant to quality assurance via a “Digital Job Ticket”. Goods quantities and consumption volumes of finished or semi-finished products can be entered via the SFC terminal and the required logistics markings e.g. pallet slips or box labels can be printed.

Your key advantages at a glance

  • The “Digital Job Ticket” gives your production employees continual access to the current product specifications and issues to be observed and facilitates error-free production without further enquiries.
  • Based on costs actually incurred, you can determine profitable and unprofitable orders, product groups or customers, which gives you a solid basis from which to make decisions.

Shop floor data collection to production order and articles
The production data can be registered in normal PC jobs, mobile equipment or daily notices. tacks produces special barcodes for articles and products, making the recording of usage of stock and materials made easy and error proof for your production employees. In addition, a project time registration is integrated through which dates and times can be recorded and analyzed later on certain orders, quotations, projects or customers. Recording of working times for your employees (start/ break/ finish) are available for cost and pay slip administration.

Accounting with time overview of the SFC
The evaluation of the recorded material withdrawals and processing times leads to the establishment of “green” and “red” areas, which are directly compared with the preliminary costing. This lets you see at a glance whether the order was processed at a profit, where problems emerged or if the assumptions made during costing were incorrect. Detailed evaluations on divisional, resource or material levels allow non-profitable production steps to be identified.

Additional functions at a glance

  • Recording of activity in the form of production, auxiliary and downtime
  • WLAN terminals for mobile data entry
  • User-friendly short-term replacement of machines or materials
  • Reworking / unscheduled material withdrawals
  • Electronic counter for recording quantities
  • Daily timesheet for entry or corrective entries
  • Personnel time registration
  • Shift models