Labelexpo 2013

Meet us in Brussels. Labelexpo, Hall 6, Booth 6 F 150 C3 is presenting three new developments simultaneously at this year's Labelexpo in Brussels. As with all products of the market-leading C3 ERP/MIS software, these practice-oriented solutions offer optimized support for automated processes in the printing and packaging industry.

The online estimating and web-to-print features for labels, flexible packaging or folding cartons enables full integration of the C3 automated production workflow and order processing in connection with digital printing. While the end customer configures his product online, the price is automatically calculated and displayed. The product configurator also takes technical features into account. The solution offers a reliable end-to-end workflow from the online shop to digital production, generally without requiring manual data input or data control on the part of the operator. There are, however, control points that can be activated to enable user-controlled workflow. In addition to growth potential in the web-to-print segment that is not to be overlooked, this online module brings an enormous improvement in efficiency thanks to the complete automation of the internal processes, especially with the processing of smaller runs.


As a part of the HP SmartStream Solution Partner program, has realized a key integration project with the Job Definition Format (JDF)/Job Messaging Format (JMF) automation between C3, the HP Indigo Digital Front End (DFE) and HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Print Server, powered by Esko. This enables the fully automatic transfer of jobs for labels and packaging from C3 to the DFE, where they are ready for printing. This eliminates the need for the manual processing of the print jobs, since all relevant production parameters are defined and stored in C3. Along with the color strategy, ink set, PDF file, Indigo material, and finishing marks, the layout for the respective dies are defined using the optimal width and repeat length of the HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press. The JDF integration not only improves efficiency by eliminating the need for processing at the HP Indigo front end, but also provides long-term process reliability.


In line with our mission of continuous improvements, C3 is launching a new and more intuitive user interface for the C3 estimating module, enabling a better overview and optimized user control. The improved clarity is seen in detailed menus which can be folded into and out of the screen, and an easy visibility of changes via color marking. The user interface can be adapted to individual requirements and remains update-secure. It is also possible to configure company specific rules, enabling it to reflect the in-house estimating philosophy. Furthermore, the optimized functionality provides better support for products comprised of several parts and intuitive filtering possibilities for materials, tools, etc.


 With these three innovations in the portfolio of the market-leading ERP/MIS software, C3 once again demonstrates the customer-oriented continuous development of its software products.

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