Live Monitoring Board with electronic machine counters


You will have a complete overview of your machine speed and production quantities with the new Monitoring Board LIVE at any time at a glance. You can also follow the exact progress of a production machine, for example, to check for the latest night shift.




With the new monitoring board you will see who is currently producing which order with which output speed. Different departments can then configure their own views, such as: all press or all converting machines. The machines are displayed as individual "tiles". From the Monitoring Board, you can see a detailed machine history, similar to a "heartbeat diagram" by clicking the tile. Here you can see the target speed compared to actual speed or interruptions in production.




The machine interface enables C3 to do automatic capturing of machine data using electronic machine counters complementary to the existing shop floor control system. The collection of data can be accomplished with electronic counters, interfaces to internal counters of the machine manufacturer, or a JDF / JMF integration.


More information on Monitoring Boardand the electronic machines counters

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