Multi-level approval workflows in the Web-Portal

The newly developed multi-level approval workflow helps you to organize complex custom approval workflows. You can divide the approval process, for example into "Approval Purchase" and "Approval Marketing", and handle these sub approvals separately.

You do this by, for example, creating an approval workflow "Approval purchase / sales / QA" and configure that the article or order must be separately approved by the departments of quality assurance, sales and purchasing. This approval process then can be assigned to any customer and customer contacts can be assigned to specific roles.



With complex approval processes this means absolute transparency and  real added value for your customers.



At any time your customer and your internal staff will have an overview of which approval steps still need to be done before final approval. For every approval action your customer does in the web portal, you are informed via e-mail. In addition, C3 automatically documents the version and article that has been approved by a specific contact person, to ensure that your quality assurance is always up to date.


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